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Lottas Garfveri
Långgatan 9
S-193 30 Sigtuna
Tel: +46-8-59255000
FB: Lottas Garfveri

I have a small tannery outside of Stockholm, Sweden, where I work with fish skin tanning. I also tan mammal skins. The hides are tanned with traditional methods and techniques. From this leather I sew costumes, often replicas of historical leather findings for museums, but also such merchandise as belts, bowls, bracelets and bags.
During the last twenty years I have worked with, and studied, leather tanning and preparation. I have conducted many courses on the subject. Much of my knowledge has been handed down to me directly from Inuits, North American Indians, Lapps and other leather workers and tanners and I have gathered my knowledge in the books:
"Traditional Tanning Leather and Furskin" &
"Fish Leather Tanning and Sewing", see Tanningbooks.
The exhibition:
Arctic Leather Tanning - A Cultural Heritage for Humanity.
Museum of Ethnography, Stockholm 5/5-18/8 2010,
is now available as a touring exhibition, which can be booked through Lotta Garfveri, see Exhibitions and museums.